Little Bitty

Detail of Little Bitty, an original watercolor by Woody Hansen
Little Bitty. DETAIL. Original watercolor by woody Hansen
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This watercolor was developed by viewing bits and pieces of objects seen or imagined in the vicinity of Sacramento’s Sara Park during a recent Free Friday mini-workshop. A tree stump here, a shadow there, maybe a clump of grass, or the shape of a mud bank, etc. The idea was not to replicate, but to discover shapes that might eventually lead to an abstract, or better yet a non-objective painting.

To begin, I took an 8.5 x 11 sheet of plain paper, drew in a smaller rectangle, clipped the sheet to a board, and took a walk along the river. I loosely drew bits and pieces with a permanent marker as I came upon them. I tried to group things into an interesting abstract or non-objective pattern as best I could. No pencil, no eraser, no tracing, no projection. High risk, high gain. Once I had a design I liked I began applying paint and allowed the painting to evolve. Ah, yes, one is reminded not to paint what is, but what might, or ought to be.

Upon completing a painting,I often enjoy giving it an appropriate song title. In this case the title comes from the rock and roll tune, Little Bitty Pretty One by Thurston Harris. The relevancy? Little bits and pieces make up a pretty one. However, the country song Little Bitty by Alan Jackson also comes to mind. And so it goes, Where it stops no one knows; stacks of wax; … and the hits just keep on comin; Donny Babe, Yeth Their!, Purple Grotto, KEWB, Channel 91, Channel 91, KYA, Voice of the Bay (sorry,I couldn’t resist a bit of radio nostalgia stuff)!

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