A Brighter Day

A Brighter Day, an original watercolor by Woody Hansen
DETAIL – A Brighter Day. Original watercolor by Woody Hansen
(Click image to view entire painting)

Sometimes a watercolor just seems to almost effortlessly fall into place. So it is with this one. Ah, yes,I’m aware of improvements that might be made. However, I prefer to appreciate it as it is, to allow this piece to remain fresh, without any additional attempts at corrections.

A Brighter Day, Reminds me of times I might attempt to provide what I think is a helpful critique of someone’s painting only to be told, “Yeah, but I like it.”

So, let’s let this one stand on its own merits … Pro or con. You decide. To see the full painting, click HERE.

Availability and pricing information for this painting can be found by following THIS LINK..

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