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Debbie's Planter, an original watercolor by Woody Hansen
DETAIL – Debbie’s Planter. Original watercolor by Woody Hansen
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Debbie’s Planter, is a recent watercolor class demonstration. The subject matter is a plant contained in a wonderful, old metal planter my wife and I purchased some time ago. I find the juxtaposition of organic and inorganic shapes pleasing.

I begin by dividing my main rectangle into what I feel are interesting shapes of various sizes. From there I use three values (white, gray, and black), to create a value plan, a pattern on which to base my painting. Next, I paint wet on dry directly on the paper without a preliminary pencil sketch. The painting is completed in about three or four layers, each layer drying before applying the next. The black line calligraphy is added last.

NOTE: Debbie Smith’s work, Garden Art can be seen on her web site. Debbie’s work outstanding, and her prices are extremely affordable. Very much so. Debbie’s web site is at http://www.gardenartbydebbie.com. Email: gardenartbydebboe@gmail.com. Telephone: 916 988-0341.

Availability and pricing information for this painting can be found by following THIS LINK.


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