The Bird Report

UPDATE: April 4, 2012

Four years ago (March 2008), a male and female bird decided to set up housekeeping in one of our Boston Ferns (see previous post, below). They raised a happy family and have returned around the same time each year for an encore performance. Here we go again …

04/04/12 – Photo of latest nest and FIVE eggs.ImageBirdReport04.04.12.jpg

Watch this space for further updates as they become available. To read the original post, please scroll down …

NOTE: Thanks to  Jeff Webster who left the following comment via Facebook: “The nesting birds are house finches. The hawk on the wire is an adult Cooper’s hawk. The hawk near the pool is a juvenile Cooper’s. Great shots and a whole lot of fun.”Bird Eggs

SCENE 1 (The Hansen’s backyard patio):
June 8, 2008 – Looking north, a view of a hanging Dallas fern. What’s this got to do with watercolor painting? Well, nothing and … everything; read on!

You see, a neighborhood bird has decided to build a nest in the center of this fern. Why she selected this hanging fern for the home of her future brood is an unknown. Maybe she thinks it’s a nice neighborhood in which to raise her offspring, maybe it’s the option of no mortgage requirements, who knows?

I’ll be adding comments and images as this story unfolds from birth to the time the birds (hopefully) leave the nest. See and read more HERE.

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