Meet Connor

Image of dog, Connor

Meet Connor, the latest addition to our family. As stated in an earlier post, he is a German Shepard/Rottweiler rescue dog out of Tracy, California. After much searching, we finally found Connor via the Internet.

When Connor first joined us he was six months old and weighed 60 pounds. He is now about eleven months old and weighs close to eighty pounds. Connor was originally rescued by Bert and Mary Debusschere, of, out of Tracy, CA. When Bert and Mary originally rescued Connor, he was malnourished, skin and bones, head larger than body and in dangerously poor condition. Bert and Mary nursed him back to excellent health. Upon the first visit to our local vet, the doctor expressed joy that Connor was so well cared for, up to date with vaccinations, and even chipped.

Image of dog, Connor

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3 thoughts on “Meet Connor

  1. Conner is almost as lucky as my dog, Jessie. I take her to the park every morning, by foot, or in the big basket on the back of my 3-wheeler bicycle. Thanks for sharing your lovely Conner. Gail

  2. My pleasure, Gail. Thanks for your reply. As you know, Connor is becoming better behaved by the day. We are all lucky to have our “best buddies.”

  3. Conner is very handsome, and as I believe, a dogs behavior depends upon his “People”, Conner will turn out great!

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