Red Can

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Red Can - Watercolor by Woody Hansen
Red Can – DETAIL – Watercolor by Woody Hansen
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The basis for this painting is located West of the Watt Avenue Entrance, along the South side of the American River, Sacramento, CA. Just over the foreground berm—beyond the red can—is a small, sandy beach area opening into  a nice calm, shallow, pool of water along the river bank. No wonder this has become one of Rio’s favorite haunts. It is also an area which I sometimes take my Sacramento workshop participants. By the way, for those new to this blog Rio is my 165 pound, Shepa-Laba-Weiler-Mastiff-Tyrannosaurus dog/painting buddy!

Red Can, is a combination of watercolor and black ink line. Paints* used are Sacramento Haze (Red Hue), Bountiful Banana Yellow, Beach Ball Blue, and just a touch of Saca-tomato Red for the can. I know, I know, more information than you wanted to know. But then, this is a blog and one or two inquiring minds just might want to know.

*Alizarin Crimson, Raw Sienna/Hansa Yellow, Cobalt Blue, and Cadmium Red.

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